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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Every Sixty Seconds You Spend Upset is a Minute of Happiness You'll NEVER Get Back

I've always tried to express to people when I first meet them that time is the most valuable thing to me because it is something you'll never get back, be able to make up, or change. I don't regret anything in life because I feel there was something at that moment in time that made me do what ever it is that I did. Feeling sorry about something is completely different than regretting it. I normally try to be a cheery person, pretty outgoing, and upbeat. I don't like to be upset, sad, or mad. I honestly feel it is a waste of time to hold a grudge or not talk threw problems... the time spent mad at eachother could be the time spent making up. (Making up is sooo much more fun).. I was sent this quote today

***"Every second spent upset is a Minute of Happiness You'll NEVER Get Back"***

Man oh man did this hit home... I've noticed over the past few months, I've spent soo much time angry, crying, upset, hurt, sad, mad... every emotion except happiness... yah there is brief views and moments of it here and there... but honestly, I've been a huge burden on friends and family because I always got some issue in my life I'm venting about... sure no one's life is perfect and i KNOW there are people out there with bigger issues than mine. I've been looking at the cup half empty, and thats not like me... I don't hold grudges... I hated going to sleep mad or upset, and now thats nothing to me.. I could easily fall asleep in an argument with someone... I've fallen away from "me" .. i've lost myself.. i've waisted plenty of minutes of happiness that i'll never be able to get back... I don't want to lose those minutes of happiness anymore... i don't. I gotta get it together like India Arie says "you have to heal your body, heal your heart & get it together"